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2021.12. Davidson, Robin. Arrowsmith Press. Mrs. Schmetterling: Poems by Robin Davidson With Artwork by Sarah Fisher.

2021.10.25. Whiting, Lonna. InForum. Moorhead Museum Delivers Ghostly Gasps at Art Ghoullery IV.

2021.10.13. Johnson, Ryan. InForum. Fall Big One Art & Craft Fair Is Back at the Fargodome This Weekend.

2021.10. Prafcke, Anna. Women’s Republic. The Brilliance of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

2021.09.15. Nelson, Alicia Underlee. High Plains Reader. New Duke Ellington Mural Painted Near Site of Historic Recording.

2021.09.13. Gipson, Amarie. Houstonia Magazine. Very Artsy News: Houston Ballet, COVID-19 Policies, and More.

2021.08.09. Bennet, Jon, and Peter Schultz. Midwest Nest Magazine. Finding Health & Flavor With the Foods of the North.

2021.07.14. Nasello, Sarah. Grand Forks Herald. The Gift of Quality Extra Virgin Olive oil.

2021.07.06. LHUCA Lubbock. YouTube. Artist Talk – Sarah Fisher.

2021.06.04. Glasstire. Sarah Fisher: It’s No Small Thing.

2021.05. PaperCity Magazine. Untitled.

2021.03.30. Voyage Austin. Community Highlights: Meet Sarah Fisher of Good Strangers.

2021.03.10. InForum. A Look at Fargo-Moorhead’s Hotel Stays and Tourism Industry During the Pandemic.

2021.03. PaperCity Magazine. Art Notes.

2021.02.26. SFA Fine Arts. YouTube. Gallery Talk – Sarah Fisher, Rachel Anderson and Karen Eisele.

2021.02.15. Teigen, Danielle A. InForum. Rad Dad Scott Brusven Plays All Day in Many Important Jobs.

2021.01.07. Stephen F. Austin State University. SFA School of Art to Open Two Exhibitions in Cole Art Center.


2020.10.20. Lamb, John. InForum. Rourke Offers Tricks and Treats With Halloween-Themed Show.

2020.08.19. Nasello, Sarah. Brainerd Dispatch. Singing the Praises of Mistra Estates Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

2020.06.26. The FM Extra. Rourke Art Museum Explores New Way to Display.



2019.11.14. Glentzer, Molly. Houston Chronicle. Art Review: Sarah Fisher’s Unsentimental Portraiture.

2019.10.30. Great Day Houston. How Art Can Be Therapeutic, Even If You’re a Beginner.

2019.10. Front Gallery. Sarah Fisher: The Second Yes.

2019.09.27. Schmidt, Helmut. InForum. Let There Be Light: Neon Artisan Chris Orth’s Work a Beacon to Lovers of Retro Glow.

2019.09. Selove, Emily. Key, Language between God and Poets.

2019.07.29. Hall, Mari. Fargo Inc! What North Dakota Cities Can Learn From Oklahoma City, Seattle and Albuquerque.

2019.07.10. Martin, Alexandra. Design & Living Magazine. On Lake Time: Meet Tony.

2019.07. Schultz, William. Biogenetic etiologies of OCD: Review and recommendations for clinicians.

2019.05.07. Ruud, McKaila. Midwest Nest Magazine. Cultivating Culture & Olive Oil.

2019.02.01. Peterson, Logan. InForum. Ancient Grains and Collaborative Partnership Make for Unique New Beer Brewed in Fargo.

2019.01.16. The FM Extra. From a Greek Farm to F-M Tables.



2018.12.17. InForum. Office Sign Company Promotes Jennifer Klath to Senior Layout Artist.

2018.11.16. Pinnick, Donna. HCC EduTube. Lawndale Lending Library at Central.

2018.11.13. Bryn Mawr Classical Review. The Thymele at Epidauros. Healing, Space, and Musical Performance in Late Classical Greece.

2018.10.24. Leskovec, Jacqueline. National Library of Medicine. So You Want to Be an Outreach Librarian? Spotlight on Erika Johnson.

2018.10.18. Magee, Patrick. Houston CityBook. Statement Pieces: Words With Friends.

2018.10.08. Huete, Betsy. Glasstire. Betsy Huete’s ‘Big Show’ Top Ten of 2018.

2018.09.18. Tommany, Susie. Houston Press. Bourely, Fisher, Manalo and Sayed Take Top Honors in Lawndale’s “The Big Show.”

2018.09.18. Avenida Houston. That Was Harvey, This Is Houston Comes to GRB.

2018.09.05. Houstonfirst. Artist Work Honoring Volunteers on Display at George R. Brown.

2018.06.26. Ladwig, Adam. KVRR. Zoo-Inspired Art With Artist Mark Elton.

2018.05.30. Wozny, Nancy. Arts and Culture Texas. Texas Lens: Resilience.

2018.05.04. Kinney, Morgan. Houstonia Magazine. This Airport Painting Shows the World Who Houston Is.

2018.02.28. University of Exeter. Youtube: What was Baghdad like in the Middle Ages?

2018.02.22. Briggs, Tracy. InForum. Oak Grove Music Director, Actor Get Their Legs Waxed for Charity.



2017.10.27. Overby, Stacy. This Is Not Hitchhiker’s Guide. Author Interview: Särah Nour.

2017.07.16. Merrill, Maria. Being Seen/Vanity Dare: How Getting My Portrait Painted Led to New Friendships, Understanding, Saying Yes and Sisterhood

2017.06.08. Tweed, Katherine. 'Revolution' at The Rourke

2017.05.17. Hornung, Sabrina. The Power Of Slug: Local Children's Book Inspires

2017.03.22. Nour, Särah. Peter The Slug To Be Read At Lutheran Social Services

2017.03.04. Anspon, Catherine D. PaperCity Magazine. Houston Woman’s Incredible Instagram Posts Land Her a Major Art Show.

2017.02.15. Houston Chronicle. Art Gallery and Museum Listings: Feb. 16-22.

2017.01.09. Bise, Michael. Glasstire. Sarah Fisher and Bill Willis at Art Palace.

2017.01. Glasstire. Sarah Fisher: Seen.

2017. Jensen, Jesper Tae. Acta Archaeologica. The Archaîos Naós of Asklepios: A New Temple Re-disovered in the Athenian Asklepieion on the South Slope of Akropolis.



2016.10.12. Lamb, John. Free art: Plains and Rourke hope dropping admission fee leads to more visits.

2016.06.29. High Plains Reader. More Than Signs: Chris Orth’s Neon Art and Brand Illumination.

2016.06.22. Edmonds Hanson, Nancy. Rourke Gallery’s neon ‘beacon’ to debut Saturday



2015.10.27. Larson, Anna. Moorhead man authors 'Peter the Slug' to encourage children.

2015.10.19. Publishers Weekly. Peter the Slug and the Great Forest Race.

2015.10.02. Nour, Särah. Local Author Releases Children's Book.

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